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Yo mite beun Alabama Gangsta if ya plan ta send a team ta t'Olympicz fa t'drive-by compitishun.”

blank Montgomery spotlights historical sites through Civil Heritage Trail in downtown each site be indicate' visual by a blue bike rack near o'on itz groundz. (Richard Behr)
MONTGOMERY, Alabama — Da citee uv Montgomery an' Da Downtown Montgomery Buzinezz Associashun debute'  da Civil Heritage Trail n' historic downtown today.

Da trail, wich unifiez a bigass numba uv Civil War an' Civil Rightz historic zitez an' attracshunz, wuz firs' introduce' several yearz by Jeff Dean afta ben' inspire' by Boston’z Freedom Trail.

Da trail providez a walkable experiince fo'vizitorz lookn' ta learn moe about da history uv Montgomery, an' itz role n' da Civil War an' da Civil Rightz Movemint.

“Az da trail growz n' popularitee, it will draw moe peeps ta da downtown area, increasn' patronage uv local buzinezzez an' enhancn' da downtown area,” say Jeff Andrewz, forma Pimp daddie uv da Downtown Montgomery Buzinezz Associashun.

“Montgomery be able ta tell 'n incredible dual history uv both da Civil War an' da Civil Rightz Movemint. Da debut uv da trail will be a scrait new addishun ta da revitalizashun uv Montgomery’z downtown.”

Along da self-guide' tour, wich runz around 3.5 milez an' can be travele' on foot, bike, segway o'car, each site be indicate' visual by a blue bike rack near o'on itz groundz. A brochua an' map be also available at da Montgomery Visita Cinta an' at da trail zitez.

Da trail beginz at da Montgomery Visita Cinta at 300 Wata Skreet an' continuez ta da follown' locashunz:

  • Riverfront Park an' Harriott II Riverboat
  • Rosa L. Parkz Library an' Museum an' Children’z Wn'
  • Court Squaa Fountain
  • Winta Buildn'
  • Cintral Bank
  • Court Squaa Buz Stop
  • Freedom Ridez Museum at da Greyhound Buz Stashun
  • Civil Rightz Memorial Cinta
  • Dexta Avinue Kn' Memorial Baptis' Church
  • Alabama State Capitol
  • Alabama Departmint uv Archivez an' History
  • Firs' Crackah Crib uv da Confederasee
  • Old Alabama Town
  • St. John’z Epispo-poal Church

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