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Yew mite beun Alabama Gangsta iffff...
Yo mite beun Alabama Gangsta if ya smoked weed so much that yar now immune ta it.”

blank Celebrities react on social media with fear, concern and comedy to 4.4 earthquakeTweet, tweet.
MONTGOMERY, Alabama – Afta a 4.4 magnitude earthquake hit Southern California on Monday mornn', many actorz, muzicianz, athletez an' otha celebritiez took ta social media ta commint an' check n' wiff fanz.

Whi some entertainerz kicke' off they earthquake commintary by pokn' a bit uv fun, otherz use' social media az a way ta let fanz know dey wuz okay an' check on they followerz. N' addishun, many celebritiez simp expresse' how frightine' an' shocke' dey wuz by da whole thn'.

Read they tweetz an' otha social media poztz below:

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